Horizontal Cartoners
horizontal cartoner

The Yeaman Series of Horizontal Cartoning Machines offer conventional product handling with up to date controls and are suitable for many products and industries such as confectionery, consumer goods, contract packaging, food (frozen dinner trays, baking kits, etc.), pet products and more. Download the specs for specific size ranges and speeds.

How Does a Horizontal Cartoner Work?

Product is either hand-loaded or automatically placed with a collation system into an infeed conveyor's article bucket, where the product is then conveyed towards the carton load area. When product is sensed in the article bucket, flat, side-seamed cartons are taken one by one from a horizontal carton magazine feeder, by means of a vacuum powered rotary carton feeder and erected into a carton fixture. The carton fixture is made up of lugs carried on four chains, designed to hold the cartons securely to ensure a square carton during flap closing and product loading. As the article bucket continuously moves to mate with the carton, an overhead confiner comes down, moving in motion with the article bucket, and holds the product in place. This creates a 4-sided tunnel for the product, where an actuated gate allows a pusher arm to load the product from the article bucket into the carton. If the carton is not erected properly, the carton loading is bypassed and the product is conveyed into your reclaim tote. The minor flaps are folded closed with rotary tucker blades, and the major flaps are folded closed with static folding plows. The carton is then sealed and discharged from the machine.

Horizontal Cartoner Features

As with all of our automated packaging equipment, our horizontal cartoners are designed around our values of providing uncomplicated machinery that is user friendly and a breeze to maintain. Our simple frame and guarding designs have carried over to this series, allowing for unrestricted access to the machine for maintenance and cleaning. To raise efficiencies, we have developed an innovative patent pending design that allows the pusher head to disengage from the machine during instances of jams to prevent major loss of production time and damage to your equipment. These cartoners can also be combined with many items from the Yeaman Arsenal. Or in the event your application requires special handling, our design engineers are experienced in developing flexible and simple infeeds.

Horizontal Cartoner Benefits

If you’re in need of a solid workhorse for your dedicated packaging lines, look no further. This series of horizontal cartoners was ruggedly designed for established product lines used in 24/7 operation; built to withstand your fast-paced and tough manufacturing environments, while providing high volume outputs.

If you’re in need of more versatile automated cartoning equipment, check out our Series of Vertical Cartoners. They are designed to handle a multitude of products, carton sizes and carton styles all on the same machine.

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