Long Cut Volumetric Fillers
long cut volumetric filler

The Yeaman Series of Long Cut Volumetric Fillers doses 8 oz* to 3 lbs of a wide range of long cut pastas, from angel hair, to linguine, to fettuccini and more at rates up to 100 doses per minute.
*smaller weights achievable with change parts

How Does a Long Cut Volumetric Work?

Pasta is first introduced to the LCV filler when it is fed into the hopper from a bucket or conveyor above the filler. It is then oriented and settled into to the aptly designed flow chimney where it is efficiently guided by vibration down to the pneumatic controlled volumetric chamber, where pasta is measured and deposited into the optional transition wheel. The transition wheel acts as a following device for high speed transfers, revolving around to mate the pasta slot with the infeed tray or flighted infeed conveyor on the secondary equipment below.

Long Cut Volumetric Filler Features

Our LCV fillers have a streamlined design from the hopper down through the discharge with the chimney being an integral part of the machine, not just an afterthought. Every part of the equipment was deliberated with flow in mind, starting with the entryway. Our infeed hopper is not stationary. It is welded to the chimney so it vibrates with the sides of the chute, orienting the pasta to properly flow into the cascading chimney. The sides of the chimney are designed to “cascade” the pasta to the volumetric chamber. Using this construction method instead of the standard zig-zag style chimney prevents the pasta from falling straight through to the volumetric chamber, which keeps the product aligned and helps prevent bridges. Each side of the chimney has a piston vibrator mounted with springs, keeping the motion of the vibration vertical to follow the natural flow of the pasta down the chute.
Product flow wasn’t the only thing in mind when designing these LCV fillers. Like the other equipment found in the Yeaman Arsenal, these machines embody our philosophy of providing simple, economical equipment. The upper gate of the volumetric chamber is adjustable up and down to dose the correct weight of the pasta. The volume can be adjusted by the operator at any time during production to react to different weights coming off of the machine due to density variations. There are doors on both sides of the filler, from the hopper all the way down to the transition wheel, providing easy access for maintenance and clean outs between runs. The filler is also wired and programmed to be controlled by the secondary equipment or vice versa, i.e. no product-no carton programming feature.

Long Cut Volumetric Filler Benefits

Looks like you’ll have to adjust your cleanup budget, because sweeping up heaps of pasta every day will soon be a thing of the past!
Our LCV fillers don’t bridge, and no jams mean you won’t have giant piles of pasta all over the floor. The entire concept of this machine uses mass and flow to keep product straight all the way from the hopper to the volumetric chamber. The hopper can hold up to 16-20 lbs of pasta, coupled with the vibrating sides, forces the pasta to align itself into the chimney. The vibrating flow chimney is wide and has cascading sides which allows for more pasta to fill up inside, creating mass to drive the pasta down to the volumetric chamber. There are eyes throughout the flow chimney sensing for product. If they sense a gap, the optional bridge breaker feature will kick in, thus providing a managed flow of product to keep everything upstream moving properly. But most importantly, all of our equipment, including our LCV fillers, are designed and built in the USA. All support is centrally located from Elk Grove Village, IL.

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