Vertical Cartoners
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The Yeaman Series of Vertical Cartoning Machines encompasses a large size range, from a .5oz box of raisins to 40lb boxes of kitty litter, and can adapt to a variety of products and industries such as beverage, confectionery, consumer goods, contract packaging, cosmetics, food (rice, pasta, snacks, etc.), hardware, lawn & garden, pet products and more. These products can be presented to our machinery in bags, pouches, blister packs, stick packs, sachets, shrink wrapped, loose product itself, or a combination of products (i.e. mac ’n’ cheese with loose product and a pouch), this machine handles it all at speeds up to 1,200/cpm! Download the specs for specific size ranges and speeds.

How Does a Vertical Cartoner Work?

Our base vertical hand-load cartoner machine operation takes flat, side seamed cartons one by one from a vertical carton magazine feeder. Each carton is placed by a vacuum powered rotary carton feeder into a carton “pocket” mounted to a carousal conveyor. The Yeaman theory of carton handling on vertical cartoning, filling and sealing machines is to machine a pocket holder to the exact size of the carton itself. By doing so, this enables the machine to perform the necessary operations of folding, filling and sealing the carton and produce the squarest and best possible seal for a presentable package. Next, the carton bottom flaps are folded closed and sealed, employing a variety of closure styles. The cartons are then brought to an area ample enough to hand-load or automatically load product into the cartons from both sides of the machine. After the load area, the top flaps are plowed closed and sealed, and then the finished carton is discharged from the machine.

Vertical Cartoner Features

Often referred to as convertible verticals, this series of packaging equipment was devised for optimal flexibility and versatility. These machines and the compatible auxiliary equipment from the Yeaman Arsenal were designed like building blocks, much like the ones you used as a child, where you can add and remove pieces of equipment to create a completely different machine for your multitude of product lines. By crafting our equipment in this manner, it allows you to buy a hand-load machine today, and be able to adapt to virtually any product line you may want to run in the future. Using pasta as an example, if you have a base hand-load vertical cartoner:

In addition to the auxiliary equipment “building blocks,” changeover and plowing features inside the machine can be swapped in and out so you can run different carton styles (i.e. standard fold, reverse fold, gable top, etc.) on the same machine as well. The combinations are endless...imagine what that could do for your product lines!

Vertical Cartoner Benefits

Our vertical cartoners will save you time and money. Period.
Many of our base vertical cartoner lines are part of the Yeaman Program. These pieces of equipment are built and stocked in series. By building our machinery this way, our costs come way down, which means our prices decrease by allowing us to pass our savings on to you. This also means that we often have base machines built, or already in manufacturing, waiting to be customized to your specific pplication needs, bringing our delivery times down as well. These prices and deliveries keep us competitive with used packaging equipment dealers; why buy used when you can buy new?
All of our packaging equipment is designed and built for simplicity; our vertical cartoners have over 40 years of continuous improvement! They are easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to changeover. Unlike a horizontal cartoner, the product handling in a vertical cartoner is designed to allow the assistance gravity to guide your product were it needs to go. Therefore, if product doesn't load properly, 9 out of 10 times a product jam in one of our vertical cartoners will not result in stopping the line since the product is just swept away before it impedes the operation of your machine.
The changeover times on our vertical cartoners are extremely quick, run to run. While many of our competitors offer adjustable change parts, we have found our quick-change pockets to be much more beneficial, because quite frankly, time is money. By switching the pocket out, you have accounted for two of the three change-over dimensions. The third is a simple crank adjustment to a marked height. Now there is no extra time spent debugging your new settings because they are already in their exact locations.

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