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Who we are

"It makes me feel guilty that anybody should have such a good time doing what they are supposed to do."
- Charles Eames

With an instinctive eye for the mechanical, owner Bill Yeaman has spent over 40 years refining his talents in the packaging automation industry. His experience and relationships during his management career at Clybourn Machine, Yeaman Packaging Group and Triangle Package Machinery has helped shape his initiative to build dependable packaging equipment with a reliable supporting workforce. In a market ever so changing, he has remained anchored in his values of consistency and candor.

His business is an extension of himself; dynamically inventive with a special appreciation for simplicity. Where every project is an exciting venture: from the launching start-up, to the growing and developing, to those which just continue to withstand the tests of time. And every employee realized as fundamental to the successes of which is endeavored. Along with a particular fondness for the unique characters and personalities who accompany us along the way, this is Yeaman Machine.

We believe in

Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

What we do

We offer automated packaging equipment and services to a variety of industries including beverage, confectionery, consumer goods, contract packaging, food (shelf stable, refrigerated, and frozen), hardware, health & beauty, lawn & garden, pet products and more.


We at Yeaman truly love our machines, but we believe in people. Every business has its own group dynamic; a formula that is unique to them that yield a successful operation. It is not our disposition to disrupt this dynamic, but to enhance it at an appropriate pace that allows your company to preserve the vitality of your business. We have extensive experience with a wide array of people and products through all stages of the manufacturing business life cycle. We have the ability to assess your plant’s current capabilities, strengths and needs to provide advice on how to increase production capacities by best utilizing your available resources and people. We can work with a company to develop both long and short term planning to aid in enhancing your operational flows and improving your line efficiency so you may comfortably attain your production goals. We also offer package design support to ensure that your product is running to it's greatest potential on our equipment.


From its inception, our design engineering department has always maintained a straightforward and uncomplicated approach to designing the most suitable and economical automated equipment for your packaging needs. Whether you are in the market for Vertical Cartoners, Horizontal Cartoners, Wrap Around Cartoners, Case Packers, Multi-Packers, Rigid Container Fillers, or Pre-Made Pouch Fill/Seal Machines, our standard systems are typically of a smaller footprint, are more efficient, and less complicated to operate than most of our competitors. It is this design culture that we’ve carried from the beginning that easily allows us to meet the many regulations and expectations required of manufacturing facilities today. This coupled with our comprehensive knowledge of machine flexibility and filling methods creates exceptional equipment that can handle a large range of products; for example, our Vertical Cartoners can run long-cut pasta, short-cut pasta, and mac-n-cheese all on one machine. This construction theorem we employ gives us the capability to provide you with the systems that satisfy your needs today while accommodating for the opportunities of tomorrow.


We do business like nobody's business, and we like to make sure you have the tools you need to run yours. We're here to guide you every step of they way, pre-and-post installation. With our knowledgeable customer support staff, we can fulfill your spare parts and service needs in an expeditious time-frame. While we do stock critical spare parts, any other parts needed are always set to our highest priority to ensure a timely delivery. All of our service technicians have an intimate relationship with each machine they install, as they are the ones who see the machines through completion, and then follow them straight to your facility for installation. They will be your guide in all aspects from production flow recommendations, to training, to designing new change parts to support your new product lines throughout the lifetime of your equipment. Your production is our priority and we understand that a fully functioning machine is imperative to getting product out the door, so when your machine isn't performing to its greatest potential, it's our vow to get you back in gear. 


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