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Case packing equipment for all your needs.

The Yeaman series of case packing equipment is designed to provide maximum output in limited space constraints. Complete with options to erect and bottom seal, fill by hand or automatically, top seal, and all the above at rates up to 50/min and sizes down to 4" x 4" x 4". This series of equipment is flexible in all the right places and can be tailored to your exact requirements.

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Small footprint. Large range.

The notably small footprint of the all-in-one case packer is achieved by the simple design of placing the magazine directly over the closing section. This style of build has a stationary load with a continuous closing and sealing section. Engineered with the stacker placed outside of the perimeter guarding of the case packer, acts as a buffer between the upstream equipment and the case packing. This design can handle a variety of pack configurations. Stack a 2 count or a 48 count on the same case packer by switching out the stacker.

Erect. Fill. Seal.

Erect and seal the bottom of the case with tape or glue.

Fill by hand or automatically with filling equipment or robotic automation.

Plow the top closed and seal with tape or glue.

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