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What does a rigid container filler do?

Canisters, jugs, and jars run on our vertical cartoners by switching the plowing modules and side guides to handle rigid containers. The process begins by feeding rigid containers from an infeed conveyor into the container carriers on the carousal conveyor. The containers are guided to a load area ample enough to either hand-load or automatically load product into the containers. Product loads from either the operator side or the discharge side or from both sides of the machine. Upon completion, the product is discharged from the machine to be sealed on downstream equipment.


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Stop Wasting Product

Standard programming for No Product/No Container and No Container/Product Bypass. This ensures that product and packages aren't wasted.

Work on Equipment Safely

Separate high and low voltage electrical enclosures allows you to perform maintenance and repairs under power without being exposed to dangerous high voltages.

Clean and Maintain with Ease

Open frame design allows debris to fall straight to the floor without obstruction and lexan guard doors are designed to lift off of optimal access during maintenance and cleaning.

Building Block Design

Fully Convertible for Your Needs Today, Tomorrow,
and the Future

Our knack for simplicity coupled with our expertise in filling and handling has led us to design our equipment so that all features can easily bolt-on. To adjust to your needs, you may add auxiliary equipment from the Yeaman Arsenal, or your own at any point in your equipment's lifetime. You can create different configurations by adding and removing product and package handling features. In essence, you can convert your machine to run loose fill, stick packs, kits and more all on a single machine!

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